This morning, our teams presented our 2018 creations to the French press! Let’s have a quick look to the essential information…

LE MYSTÈRE DE LA PÉROUSE: the 2018 grand creation

This new original creation will take you on a voyage around the world, departing from France in 1785 under the leadership of Monsieur de la Pérouse. You will become explorer for a day, as you climb on board ‘La Boussole’, one of the two ships from this famous odyssey, and set sail to experience every part of the journey.

As you know, at Puy du Fou, every new creation is the result of an artistic vision. Our creative team has designed a brand-new world to recreate this magnificent and tragic 4-year voyage across the seven seas.

An original story

Just imagine… In the shadow of the Puy du Fou forest, you will enter an 18th century hunting lodge. Guided from one room to the next by the intimate atmosphere, you reach the spectacular Brest quay, a famous French port. Strengthened by inordinate courage, you climb on board ‘La Boussole’

As you board the ship, you see scientists and naval officers and you descend into the belly of the ship, where you will discover its secrets. The ship begins to pitch… you are into the open sea!

During the expedition, you pass through the cabin of Captain La Pérouse, then the scientists’ cabin, which contains all kinds of plant and animal discoveries, before being part of incredible discoveries, from Cape Horn to Easter Island, then Alaska, to Vanikoro, and braving the most ferocious storms!

Waves will literally flood the cabin. You try and clear a path in the deluge, whose tragic outcome seems inevitable. The hull won’t last for long against the sharp coral…

A 100% Puy du Fou creation

Extensive research has allowed us to tell a story that was both spectacular and realistic.

Twenty minutes of mounting pressure will take you through the key moments of this expedition, through 20 different, strikingly-realistic experiences spread across an area of 2650m².

Whilst technology is an integral part of this new experience, it has been designed to go unnoticed by the audience. Enormous pieces of equipment create the illusion of being in the middle of the ocean, whilst a system of 3D video projections offers a new and spectacular visual experience. This virtual decoration has been designed by Puy du Fou, in partnership with Digital District, a company specialising in high-quality 3D imagery in the cinema and luxury goods industries.

For a more realistic experience, you will also feel the weather conditions: the sticky heat of the Pacific, the glacial winds of Alaska, and the dampness in the dark ship’s hold.


As you leave the Bourg 1900, you will discover, in the next months, a new sign: ‘Le Café de la Madelon’. In place of the ‘Halle Renaissance’, this new restaurant will invite you to the welcoming atmosphere of the Belle-Epoque, before the outbreak of World War I.

Whilst ordering 1920s-era dishes from a carefully put-together menu, you will attend the wedding of “La Madelon” and “Le Braco”. Unfortunately, nothing will happen as planned! The fiancé, deserter from the National Service, is arrested by the Police and must leave the wedding…

Helped by the audience, the waiters and the characters try to cheer up the unlucky “Madelon” in a show full of surprises.


Good news! For the first time ever, Puy du Fou will be open from the 7th April until the 4th November 2018, extending the season by 25 days.

In 2018, there won’t be a ‘Grand Noël’ season because our teams will be preparing for a big new winter show, which will open in December 2019.

Our teams still have 2 months to finalize theses original creations. See you on April 7th for the beginning of the 2018 season!


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