Puy du Fou enters a strategic 6-year contract with Efteling, Europe’s 3rd most visited theme park.

Puy du Fou, renowned the world over for excellent shows and rewarded several times for its creativeness, is entering a major 6-year partnership with the Dutch theme park, Efteling. The “Raveleijn” show from Europe’s third most visited theme park is was created in 2013 in close collaboration with Puy du Fou, elected World’s Best Park, where 1,200 performances will be staged in 2020. A Franco-Dutch team of 50 performers, stunt people , horseriders and Puy du Fou falconers is already present, preparing to put that unique Puy du Fou savoir-faire into the first presentation in April 2020. This strategic partnership only confirms Puy du Fou’s artistic excellence and reinforces its world-scale growth.

A legendary show: “Raveleijn”

Inspired by a Dutchstory, “The Raveleijn Show” tells the story of 5 children, transformed by a spell into knights of extraordinary bravery, who confront the cruel oppressor count Olaf and free the medieval city of Raveleijn.

On the spectacular set of a 1,500 m² stage, a succession of stunts and special effects unfurls before the eyes of 1,200 spectators.

To give renewed attention to the show, Efteling theme park has chosen to entrust it to the unique expertise of Puy du Fou by extending the contract by six years. Fons Jurgens, CEO of Efteling, welcomes this partnership: “We always seek to work with the best in the field. For the live show, our decision to work with Puy du Fou was an obvious one. Their artistic excellence will help us promote this show even better to the world stage.”

Nicolas de Villiers, CEO of Puy du Fou, is proud of this achievement: “Puy du Fou is the inventor of an artistic model that calls upon the popular imagination in a celebration of the very soul of peoples. Efteling is part of the Netherlands’ heritage and we shall be putting all our energy into reinforcing this spectacular and emotional celebration of the Dutch tale.” 

Increasing appeal of the “Puy du Fou” brand

After the resounding success of the Spanish evening show, “El Sueño de Toledo”, which played to full audiences throughout its first season, followed by the signing of its first contract with China, Puy du Fou is pursuing international development in the Netherlands in line with its usual artistic ambition.

The creativeness of the “Puy du Fou” brand has global drawing power. Every week brings to Vendée new requests to create theme parks and shows based on the French model. In just a few years, boosted by an unrivalled technical and artistic savoir-faire, the “Puy du Fou” brand has become synonymous with excellence and creativity.

Puy du Fou France, the laboratory for artistic excellence

In France, the year 2019 has been a string of successes for Puy du Fou, with strong international growth, record numbers of visitors, and creations that have won awards across the world.

In 2020, Puy du Fou promises a host of new attractions with record investment totalling 52 million euros. Three original creations will open on 4th April:

  • A major evening show, “Les Noces du Feu”
  • A new hotel, “Le Grand Siècle”
  • A Conference Centre for corporate events, “Le Théâtre Molière”.


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